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Topic "Surgery" in Vietnamese - total 10 documents

Title: 8 simple steps to keep safe during your hospital stay
Summary: This patient safety card answers your questions and makes your hospital stay as smooth, safe and comfortable as possible.

Title: A general guide to blood transfusion: information for patients and families
Summary: Answers to some common questions about blood transfusion including whtat a blood transfusion is and why you may need one, how you can reduce your risks of needing a blood transfusion, and what commonly happens if you do need one.

Title: After your operation - helping you to recover
Summary: After an operation, bed rest and inactivity can increase your risk of chest infection and blood clots in your legs. These can be avoided if you follow the instructions in this fact sheet.

Title: Cataract surgery - discharge instructions (Bilingual version)
Summary: This bilingual factsheets explains what to do after a cataract surgery e.g. Medications (eye drops), dressings and follow up care as well as specific discharge advice on what you can and can't do after the operation.

Title: Day surgery at the Women's
Summary: In this translated fact sheet we aim to answer your general questions about day surgery at the Women's.

Title: Elective surgery (Patient information)
Summary: This fact sheet explains what elective surgery is and when you can have elective surgery in a hospital in Western Australia.

Title: Hospitals, surgery and procedures
Summary: If you need surgery or other medical procedures, you are likely to attend a clinic or hospital in Victoria. This information will take you through the preparation for a stay in hospital, provide advice about managing your stay through to recovery and discharge. Practical information about paperwork, costs and payments is also available here.

Title: Kidney transplant factsheet: a treatment option
Summary: When kidney failure becomes very advanced, your kidneys are so damaged they can no longer do their job. A transplant is a treatment for kidney failure but it is not a cure. A transplant potentially offers a more active life and a longer life, free from dialysis as well as dietary restrictions. However, your new kidney needs a lifetime of care.

Title: Patient controlled analgesia - PCA
Summary: You may experience some discomfort and pain after your surgery. This card will explain to you how you can help control that discomfort or pain.

Title: Surgery for bladder control problems in women
Summary: Many women leak urine or wet themselves when they cough, sneeze or exercise (this is called stress incontinence). While there are many treatments to try first, some women need to have surgery for this problem.

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