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Topic "Employment" in Chinese (simplified) - total 30 documents

Title: Apply for work: 6 simple steps
Summary: A step-by-step guide to applying for work under the Working for Victoria initiative.

Title: ATO podcast - in your language
Summary: Monthly podcast episode, where the ATO will talk about the latest news for individuals and small businesses. They'll also cover important topics in detail and provide information on where to get help and support. Listen for information about lodging your tax return, starting a small business, staying safe from scams, and more.

Title: Being exploited at work? Know your rights: Serious exploitation at work may be a crime
Summary: Bad treatment at work can be a crime. Slavery, forced labour, human trafficking, and debt bondage are all crimes in Australia. For more information or access to free confidential legal assistance please contact Anti-Slavery Australia.

Title: Business activity statements (BAS)
Summary: Information on how to lodge your Business activity statements (BAS) and how to report your GST, pay as you go (PAYG) instalments, PAYG withholding tax and other taxes.

Title: Business activity statements (BAS) and GST tips
Summary: Keeping good records helps you stay on top of your business. The resources provides information on BAS and GST record keeping tips, GST credits, when not to claim GST credits, invoices, avoiding manual errors, completing your BAS, mistakes and other GST topics.

Title: Changes to protect Victorians working with engineered stone
Summary: Information about new requirements for working with engineered stone, introduced by the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Crystalline Silica) Regulations 2019.

Title: Changing the social security income assessment model (audio)
Summary: From 7 December 2020, the way you report your employment income is changing.

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) $1500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment
Summary: A one-off $1,500 payment is available to support eligible Victorian workers who have been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or are a close contact of a confirmed case.

Title: Coronavirus (COVID-19) $450 test isolation payment
Summary: Victorian workers can apply for a $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) test isolation payment that provides financial support while they self-isolate to wait for the results of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test.

Title: COVID-19 If you need a Centrelink payment (bilingual version)
Summary: You may get a payment from Centrelink if you or your family are affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Title: Employment problems: Spot the signs
Summary: This fact sheet lists the main legal issues that can occur at your workplace.

Title: Fixing Business activity statements (BAS) mistakes or making adjustments
Summary: Correcting a mistake made on an earlier BAS is different to making an adjustment. This resource provides information on when and how to fix a mistake, when to make an adjustment and how to lodge your changes.

Title: Foreign and worldwide income
Summary: If you’ve derived income from overseas, you will need to declare it. Information on types of foreign income and what you need to remember.

Title: Healthy lungs at work fact sheet
Summary: This factsheet is for people working in dusty environments, such as construction sites, mines, quarries and factories, who are exposed to fumes, gases and other hazardous agents. The factsheet is designed to teach you and your mates’ how to protect your lung health at work.

Title: Help for your first tax time
Summary: This fact sheet outlines who, why, when and how to lodge a tax return. It also contains information on what income you need to include and what deductions and expenses you can claim.

Title: Help for your first tax time (audio guide)
Summary: This video outlines who, why, when and how to lodge a tax return. It also contains information on what income you need to include and what deductions and expenses you can claim

Title: How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO (video)
Summary: By linking your myGov account to the ATO, you can now manage your tax and super affairs whenever is suits you. This video explains how to create a myGov account and link to the ATO.

Title: How to get ready to do your tax return
Summary: Doing your tax return involves three steps- collect, prepare and lodge. This fact sheet also includes a checklist 'What information do I need for my tax return'?

Title: Important information for your 2019-20 tax return
Summary: This fact sheet contains important information on how to claim JobKeeper, JobSeeker, stand down payments, early access to superannuation, working from home expenses, protective clothing

Title: JobMaker Hiring Credit
Summary: The JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme is an incentive for businesses to employ additional young job seekers aged 16–35 years. Eligible employers can access the JobMaker Hiring Credit for each eligible additional employee they hire between 7 October 2020 and 6 October 2021.

Title: Jobs Victoria Wage Subsidy
Summary: The Jobs Victoria Fund is providing $250 million in wage subsidies to assist Victorian businesses to employ at least 10,000 people who are looking for work. Wage subsidies of up to $20,000 are available for eligible employers who hire eligible jobseekers where the job is at least 12 months in duration.

Title: Mutual obligation requirements (audio)
Summary: There are things you must do to keep getting your payment and have a better chance of finding work

Title: National Employment Standards (video)
Summary: The National Employment Standards, or NES, are the minimum entitlements given to employees who work under the national workplace relations system. It’s important to know the NES, as these are the minimum standards for employment in Australia. Watch this video to find out about NES entitlements including paid leave, maximum weekly hours and end of employment rights.

Title: Residency for tax purposes
Summary: To understand your tax situation, you need to know if you are a resident for tax purposes. Residency for tax purposes may be different to your residency status for other purposes.You may be a resident for tax purposes even if you’re not an Australian citizen or a permanent resident for immigration purposes.

Title: Steps to make doing your tax return easier
Summary: A step by step guide on how to fill in and simplify your tax return.

Title: Support in difficult times
Summary: Taxpayers experience financial difficulties for a number of reasons, including unexpected life events such as natural disaster, mental health issues, serious illness, family and domestic violence, challenging economic conditions, financial misfortune, and family tragedy. Depending on your circumstances, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) may be able to offer additional help.

Title: Tax time resources in languages other than English
Summary: To help you prepare and lodge your tax return we have translated resources available: •Help for your first tax time – information if you're new to Australia to help with your first tax time. •How to get ready to do your tax return – a checklist of the information you might need for your tax return. •Steps to make doing your tax return easier – a guide to help you do your tax return. •Get free help to do your tax return – information about our Tax Help service. •Good recordkeeping makes tax time easier – tips for keeping good tax records. •Occupation and work-related expense guides – to help you work out what expenses you can claim as a deduction on your tax return.

Title: Working in Australia (video)
Summary: Watch our short video about working in Australia. We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities at work. All employees working in Australia have the same workplace rights including migrant workers and visa holders. All employers in Australia have to follow workplace laws even if their workers are on a visa.

Title: Working in Australia: workplace rights overview
Summary: All employees working in Australia have the same workplace rights including migrant workers and visa holders. This is a website addressing rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. It contains information on pay, holiday and other leave entitlements, starting and ending a job, fair work statement plus a video about working in Australia.

Title: Working safely in Australia information sheets
Summary: The working safely in Australia information sheet provides migrant workers and others with information on work health and safety and workers' compensation in Australia.

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