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Topic "Digestive System" in Vietnamese - total 9 documents

Title: Abdominal pain
Summary: A consumer factsheet for use by hospital emergency departments about abdominal pain. The type of pain felt in the abdomen can vary greatly.

Title: Campylobacteriosis
Summary: Information about symptoms, transmission and prevention.

Title: Constipation - health literacy information for residents, families and carers
Summary: A translated resource providing information about prevention and management of constipation for residents, families and carers. It includes some signs that a person may be constipated and also ways to prevent and manage constipation.

Title: Constipation and bowel control
Summary: This fact sheet explains what constipation is, suggests some ideas for improvement and tells you where to get more help.

Title: Gastroenteritis
Summary: Gastro is an illness which may cause some or all of the following symptoms: diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, fever and headache. Germs which cause gastro get into your body through your mouth and it usually takes several days for symptoms to appear. This time is known as the incubation period. Sometimes symptoms may occur within hours of the germs entering your body but it is usually longer. When people get gastro they often assume that the last meal they ate gave them food poisoning. This is usually not the case.

Title: Giardiasis
Summary: The document explains causes and prevention of giardiasis, an intestinal infection causing symptoms like diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea.

Title: Healthy diet and bowels
Summary: This translated resource is to encourage a healthy diet with a high fibre intake, which can help in protecting people against diverticular disease, haemorrhoids, constipation and chronic disease such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It provides information on what fibre is, what foods contain fibre and how much to eat.

Title: Hepatitis A by the Department of Health Victoria
Summary: Information about symptoms, transmission, prevention, immunisation and treatment.

Title: Information on caring for a stoma (bilingual brochure)
Summary: The bilingual booklet covers information such as What is a stoma? It also includes information on eating and drinking, managing constipation, caring for a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, healthy bowel habits, peri-anal skin care and tips for patients.

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