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Topic "Children And Family Services" in Dinka - total 16 documents

Title: Bilingualism and languages learning
Summary: This brochure explains the benefits of teaching a child more than one language.

Title: Care by secretary order
Summary: An outline of: what a 'Care by Secretary Order' is; how long it lasts; living arrangements for its duration; young people's rights and responsibilities and where to get help.

Title: Caring for children
Summary: This resource provides information on child developement and important laws and information about parenting in Australia.

Title: Child care subsidy (bilingual version)
Summary: Child Care Subsidy helps with the cost of approved child care. This information sheet lists the eligibility criteria you must meet.

Title: Children's court for parents
Summary: This factsheet explains what happens in the children's court, as well as young people's rights and responsibiliities.

Title: Children's court for young people
Summary: This information sheet explains what the children's court does.

Title: Contact for parents and guardians
Summary: This sheet contains information for parents and guardians about contact with their child while not in their care. It explains what contact is for and how it is arranged

Title: First child protection worker visit
Summary: This factsheet explains what to expect when a child protection worker visits your home.

Title: Kids in care 1 - community services want to talk about my kids- what will happen? 1
Summary: This brochure explains what will happen when Community Services want to talk about your children.

Title: Kids in care 2 - going to the children's court
Summary: This brochure explains what will happen when Community Services remove your children from your care.

Title: Kids in care 3 - things have changed and I want my kids back - what can I do?
Summary: If you think things have changed since the Children’s Court made orders, you can make an application to the Children’s Court for the orders to be changed (‘variation’) or cancelled (‘rescission’). These are called ‘section 90’ applications.

Title: Kids in care 4 - the children's court made a decision I am unhappy about - what can I do?
Summary: This brochure explains how to make an appeal against a decision from the Children's Court.

Title: Kids in care 5 - what happens when my kids are in care?
Summary: The brochure explains what happens when the Court places your kids under the care of Community Services.

Title: Starting in early childhood services for children learning English as an Additional Language
Summary: This resource talks about early childhood services, the role of Educators and ways parents can support their children to settle in.

Title: Support services - Multicultural parent easy guide
Summary: Parents in Australia often go to services for help with family matters. Services welcome families from all cultures and communities. They can help just as family or community might have helped you in the past.

Title: The orange door
Summary: The document provides key information about The Orange Door, a new way to access services for women, children and young people who are experiencing family violence; and families who need support with the care of children or young people.

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