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How to find a specific topic and language on Health Translations?
Information can be found in a variety of ways. You can search on topics, languages, or organisations. For the best results, we recommend using the keyword search and to narrow it down by entering one or two keywords. If you require information on COVID-19 testing in Arabic, enter the keywords 'covid + test' and choose Arabic from the language drop-down menu.

Difference between Plain and Easy English
You might have heard about Plain English, so what is the difference between Plain and Easy English?
Easy English is a style of writing that is simple and concise, focuses on key information and uses words and images to help readers understand the information.
Plain English is a style of writing in which the language, structure, and presentation of a document all work together to help the reader. A document written in Plain English is easy to read, understand, and act on after just one reading.

Have you recently produced a translated health resource? Let us know!
In 2020 we continue our strong commitment to improving the quality of Health Translations resources by reviewing our collections and building strong partnerships with peak health bodies who produced translated health information. Please support us by letting us know if you have published new translated resources or updated your existing information on your website. By keeping us informed we can ensure your translated information is up-to-date on the Health Translations online library.

Health Translations podcast
Health Translations has launched a five-part podcast series. This five-part series explores the way culture, language and health interact. In each episode, we talk to healthcare professionals and community members about the role translated health information plays in their lives. We spoke to Asthma Australia, Polaron Language Services, Positive Partnerships, The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health and Jean Hailes.

Listen to the podcast now:


  • November 2020 - This newsletter includes multilingual resources on COVID-19, information for seasonal workers, children mental health, refugees and new arrivals, cervical screening, liver health, multicultural parent easy guides, sexually transmitted infections, Dementia, men's health, Diabetes, thunderstorm asthma and many more.
  • October 2020 - This newsletter includes multilingual resources on COVID-19, emergency relief packages, assistance for migrant workers, older person COVID-19 support helpline, financial assistance from energy retailers, thunderstorm asthma, elder abuse, healthy ageing, breast & prostate cancer, cancer treatments and common side effects, mental health, eye health, nutrition and many more.
  • September 2020 - This newsletter includes multilingual resources on women’s health, COVID-19 assistance, emergency calls, ATO, family violence, oral health and more.
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The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health has been contracted to manage and improve Health Translations. We are regularly reviewing our collection and improving your experience of the directory. We rely on your contributions. If you are aware of a multilingual health resource, produced in Australia, please register it here or let us know.