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Topic "Physical Activity" in Italian - total 21 documents

Title: A sport for all: an introduction to cricket in 25 languages
Summary: This brochure is an introduction to the game and includes useful contact details for anyone who would like to play Cricket in Australia.

Title: Be physically active
Summary: This poster explains the link between falls and lack of exercise.

Title: Exercise consumer guide
Summary: Regular physical activity and exercise plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones. This resource provides information on exercise and bone health, the effect of exercise throughout life, the right kind of exercise for bone health and preventing falls.

Title: Gentle exercise - nothing to lose and a lot to gain
Summary: A guide to the benefits of gentle exercise for older people, including stronger bones and muscles, a lower risk of falls and staying independent for longer.

Title: Get active each day
Summary: Regular physical activity is an important part of getting healthy and staying healthy. This factsheet lists the benefits and provides tips on how to help kids and teens be more active

Title: Healthy women active women - move for your pain (video in Italian with English subtitles)
Summary: This video tells the story of an older woman who is focused on physical activity for rehabilitation and chronic pain managment.

Title: Healthy women active women - play and move (video in Italian with English subtitles)
Summary: This video tells thte story of a woman with children who is focused on active play with them for her physical and mental wellbeing.

Title: Healthy women active women - taking care of you (video in Italian with English subtitles)
Summary: This video tells the story of a woman with children who is focused on building her self-esteem and mental health after experiencing domestic violence.

Title: Home based strength and balance exercises
Summary: Exercises for older people to improve strength and balance at home. It is recommended that you consult your physiotherapist or local medical officer before starting the exercises.

Title: Hydrotherapy exercise cue cards
Summary: A set of cue cards to assist with exercise programs provided in a hydrotherapy pool. It is recommended that before using these exercise cards, you consult your specialist, local medical officer or physiotherapist.

Title: Linking physical and mental health makes sense for families, carers and friends
Summary: Famillies and carers of mental health consumers are essential members of the care team and can provide vital support to consuers to help them improve their physical health.

Title: Linking physical and mental health makes sense for people who use mental health services
Summary: Physical health and mental health are linked, so it makes sense to link physical and mental health care.

Title: Looking after your legs
Summary: Practical guide for preventing problems with legs including varicose veins, swelling leg ulcers and blood clots.

Title: Move your body
Summary: The factsheet provides tips for home and for work on physical activities for cancer prevention.

Title: Pelvic floor exercises - Royal Women's Hospital
Summary: The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments which support the bladder, uterus (womb) and bowel. It is important that all women exercise their pelvic floor muscles everyday throughout life, to prevent weakness or improve strength.

Title: Pelvic floor muscle training for men
Summary: The floor of the pelvis is made up of layers of muscle and other tissues. These layers stretch like a hammock from the tailbone at the back, to the pubic bone in front.

Title: Physical activity
Summary: A translated NDSS document that highlights the important of exercise for people with diabetes. It covers the benefits of exercise, the types of exercise and amount of time exercising required for the management of diabetes, emphasising the need to keep active.

Title: Physical health care: what to expect from your mental health service
Summary: All NSW mental health services have a responsibility to ensure that the people who use their service receive adequate physical health care. This brochure provides a broad outline of these responsibilities and how they will be met.

Title: Preventing stroke: is it time to change your lifestyle?
Summary: How diet and exercise can help prevent stroke.

Title: Stay in shape
Summary: We know that by maintaining a healthy body weight, being physically active every day and enjoying a healthy diet, you can lower your risk of developing cancer. We know that these factors account for at least 30 per cent of all cancers.

Title: Turn off the TV or computer and get active
Summary: Spending too much time watching TV, surfing online or playing computer or electronic hand-held games is linked to children becoming overweight or obese. This fact sheet provides tips for parents and carers on how to set limits on TV watching, computer games and being online.

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